“The most important to us is working together to achieve the dream of our clients”

We have helped different artists since the beginning of their careers, consequently, we offer to artists, managers, labels and cultural organizations the following services:

a) Advising: Strengthening a winning strategy and acquiring useful tools for sustainable artist management (manager’s role, gaining access to international markets, enter into strategic alliances, break through barriers, getting exposure for the artist, etc.)

b) Communication Strategy + Social Media:: Build up the right campaign/promotion to generate buzz for the artist/project (online y offline).

This is the way to start the trip:

  • – A first meeting to understand the needs.
  • – Overview of the current state of play & artist/project analysis.
  • – Strategy Plan and Budget (advising, communication, internationalization, etc.).
  • – Action Plan & timeline (NB: on a yearly basis)
  • – Second meeting & definition of start date.


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