Bambarabanda featuring Puerto Candelaria

Bambarabanda hit the ground running this year! The band begain 2016 by releasing the new single and video for the song “Sra. Sociedad”, in collaboration with Puerto Candelaria, another amazing Colombian band.  By their own definition, they have termed it a strange cumbia.

María Esther Gutiérrez from the Vice Noisey Colombia channel reviewed Sra. Sociedad:

“We met each other on national stages, via YouTube tubes, we dialogued and complimented each other and decided to together create a song with our own regional ingredients and a message to share with Colombia and the world” says La Bambarita.

“Sra. Sociedad”, is an invitation, “an ironic letter addressed to our distinguished society, from a special remitter: a unique symbiosis created by Bambarabanda and Puerto Candelaria coming together. Who could imagine that an irreverent message directed to society would be an invitation to dance and to face adversity with a spirit of total enjoyment and to value love as a solution to everyday problems? It’s ironic that in these times, resistance comes about as the result of humor and art and not from violence and senseless critiques”, says the band from Pasto.

With a cumbia that has Balkan touches, combined with regional rhythms like the raspa and the guasca and a hyper-theatrical video — taped in less than 20 hours —, where the bands brought together all their energy and strengths: Arrangements by Pablo Muñoz’s, lyrics by Yeimy Argoty and Favio Portillo from Bambarabanda, and musical production by Juancho Valencia from Puerto Candelaria.

We invite everyone to join the resistance by dancing.

A toast to the absurdity of reality!