C4 Trío

Origin: Venezuela Genre: New Venezuelan Folk On stage: 4

Label: Independent Territory: Europe

There is nothing C4 TRIO can’t play on the cuatro guitar

“Seeing C4 trio live: these guys are so incredible … I was so amazed, I felt like I could cry and go home and practice” Jordan Rudess – American Keyboardist & member of metal progressive band Dream Theater

Live “Zumbacumlaude” from #Los10deC4
Live at Casa America Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
Live in Venezuela “Periquera con Seis por Derecho”

C4 Trío is an award-winning ensemble of three Venezuelan cuatro guitar players along with a bassist formed by Jorge Glem, Hector Molina, Edward Ramírez and Gustavo Marquez. They never thought that, as individuals, competing in the “Siembra del Cuatro” contest, would result in a unique and now celebrated, collaboration as three “cuatro” players. Once agreed and the ensemble set up they embarked on a new and ambitious music project: making music with the same instrument times three.

In 2006 they worked on their first album “C4 Trio” produced by one of the biggest and best international performers of the Venezuelan’s traditional music: Aquiles Báez. This first album included the collaboration of Aquiles Báez himself and other great exponents of folk music in Venezuela like Serenata Guayanesa, Rafael ”El Pollo” Brito, Marina Bravo and Adolfo Herrera. Within very little time, their first album obtained a Golden Disc.

They continued to amaze, impress and delight their audiences around the world and in 2014, after much hard work released a new album “De repente” together with famous singer and cuatro player Rafael “El Pollo” Brito. The same year they were awarded a Latin Grammy for ”Best Engineered Album“.

In 2015 the ensemble celebrated their 10th-year lifework with the release of a special DVD compilation. In 2016, they toured in Europe for the first time in world music and jazz festivals and the audiences loved the cuatro trio mastery.

In 2017 C4 TRIO released the album “Pa’ Fuera” together with the all times Venezuelan punk/ska band “Desorden Público”. The album is a powerful fusion of ska, reggae, and rock with traditional rhythms of Venezuela.