Elkin Robinson

Origin: Providence Island, Colombia Genre: Caribbean Folk On stage: 

Label: Llorona Records Territory: Europe

Caribbean Folk From Old Providence Island

“My favorite song from that album, “Creole Vibration,” is also a plea for allowing education in Creole English for the children of the island, rather than forcing Spanish-language education on all.” Catalina Maria Johnson, Alt.latino (NPR Music)

Elkin Robinson Live at WOMEX 2017 

Videoclip Sun A Shine

Concert Rock At The Park Music Festival, Bogota

Elkin Robinson has emerged to be the new face of the Caribbean Folk. His music, is fueled by enchanting and powerful lyrics that capture the essence of one of the last pristine hidden Colombian islands of the Caribbean, Providence Island: Calypso, Mento, Sailor Folk, Gospel, and Zouk with a fresh, healing and unique sound.

Elkin´s music, rooted in the original sound of the Caribbean, is an organic evolution of the folklore of his island. Typical instruments like the washtub bass, the horse jaw-bone, maracas and acoustic guitar build up a powerful jet gentle rhythm that goes beautifully with amazing vocal arrangements by musicians that grew up singing gospel in Old Providence churches. For those who have the pleasure of listening to his songs, Robinson creates an experience that brings this beautiful little paradise closer to the rest of the world warming up the dance floor with lovely lilting Caribbean breezes.

Elkin Robinson, Official Showcase at WOMEX 2017, has taken his music to the most important venues, festivals and music expos in Colombia such as BOmm and Circulart including Rock in The Park Music Festival and Estereo Picnic among others. International appearances include the Wasser-musik Festival in Berlin, Jamaica, Canada, Honduras, Guatemala, Paraguay, Argentina and Costa Rica.

Elkin´s second record “Sun A Shine” was produced by English Producer Richard Blair and it was released by Llorona Records in June 2017. The album is a journey along the English-speaking Caribbean that rescues the gospel and the country music which are part of the tradition of Old Providence.