Las Áñez

Origin: Colombia Genre: Unconventional Vocal Duet On stage: 2
Label: Festina Lente Discos Territory: Europe

“The voice not only serves to make the melody” Las Áñez

“They are characterized by not needing conventional instruments. In fact, they prioritize seed sounds or even those that come from their mouths” Laura Isabel Rivera – Arcadia Magazine

Al Aire (feat. Andrea Echeverry) Tetralogia de Rubén Mendoza
“No Siendo Más” Live in Germany
Pensar y Pensar (feat. Edson Velandia)

Las Añez is a twin sisters’ vocal duo from Bogota that composes their own songs and performs in a unique way. Indeed, they accompany themselves with delightfully unexpected arrangements of minimal percussion, a small keyboard, and a loop station. Las Añez’s music has charmed the audiences in South America and Europe because of their spontaneity, versatility and for their particular way of mixing the folklore and the contemporary music.

Their work masterfully displays their remarkable vocal prowess, elucidating curious characters, enchanting atmospheres, and surreal dimensions, as familiar as they are unique. Las Añez, experiment and explore endless possibilities; and even they improvise on stage, but all with a calculated perfection.

In 2017 they have released their second discography work titled “Al Aire (On Air)” which includes the collaboration of iconic Colombian rock singer Andrea Echeverry (Aterciopelados), and one of the most prolific and brilliant Colombian composers, Edson Velandia, as well as the Grammy awarded singer Marta Gómez.